VY QWAINT IS BALD After Losing Wheel of Dare

After Chad Wild Clay made "GOODBYE DANIEL...", Vy Qwaint created "DANIEL JOINS STALKER GROUP", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "LIFE WITHOUT SPY NINJAS", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "NOT FRIENDS OVER A GIRLFRIEND? Hide and Seek Across Roblox Marble Mania", The new team of four Spy Ninjas must still prove that they are still the best USloftrs around, by engaging in the crazy intense game of Wheel of Dares. With Daniel gone, the remaining Spy Ninjas must showcase their skills and bravery on the randomly assigned challenges. The only thing, however, is that some of Alie's stalker goons are still on the prowl, having known the location of the safehouse, and no longer working with Alie. Will they still be trying to bother the team? or do they have even more sinister plans for the group. Will the team manage without Daniel these days? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayMonth ago

    Which dare did you think was the funniest? Comment below!

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    @Frozen Broadway lpppppppp00p

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    @My user on Roblox is spy Nina1233 sameee

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  5. Itz Niloy

    Itz NiloyMonth ago

    Regina is soo growsss like Daniel because she like Daniel she a have h

  6. ·Awesome Ari YT·

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    I love Chad

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    Miley Taylor15 hours ago

    Pudding melvin

  17. Tanaya Green

    Tanaya Green15 hours ago

    I think we won cuz you ate it all

  18. Tanaya Green

    Tanaya Green15 hours ago

    Now you is bald headed

  19. Tanaya Green

    Tanaya Green15 hours ago

    Why did you do the Dare

  20. Tanaya Green

    Tanaya Green15 hours ago

    Yes you did

  21. Linda mcdonald

    Linda mcdonald15 hours ago

    Pudding vy

  22. Rinni Alcaraz

    Rinni Alcaraz21 hour ago

    me i want to by a spy ninja

  23. Rinni Alcaraz

    Rinni Alcaraz21 hour ago

    i wlshi in a spy ninja

  24. Marissa Carios-Silerio

    Marissa Carios-Silerio23 hours ago

    I just want to see alis face

  25. Timmeh Alt

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    melvin sweared

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    i dont if melvin is crying or laughing

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    What is the name what is your name what is your name is the name in the triangles BBBBB I love your channel so

  32. George Gamble

    George GambleDay ago

    You better make a video about where name OK let’s make a video with you or Jimmy OK I support you in every way OK so OK but this is the best team in the whole world so yeah I want them watching the three-year love love love love love blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love your channel your channel so cool and yeah

  33. George Gamble

    George GambleDay ago

    This is the best video my name is Adriana I love supporting your channel I subscribe to it every day I watch every day very very very best channel ever wanted to see you guys in real life I would actually try to do that but I don’t know what you guys are real or not I think you were real my mom doesn’t think you’re real but you’re the best USloft and I love your porch and I love supporting you and I meant to say and I don’t know really what else to say about that picture on the one where Milton is this

  34. Melissa Eggers-Aagesen

    Melissa Eggers-AagesenDay ago

    We’re at the front door of the house

  35. Caleb Marquez

    Caleb MarquezDay ago

    I love Chad

  36. Caleb Marquez

    Caleb MarquezDay ago

    Is chad a hacker group

  37. Gabrielle Johnson

    Gabrielle JohnsonDay ago

    Lol why did chad and Malvin sound like airplanes

  38. Al Mc Donald

    Al Mc DonaldDay ago

    Spy ninjas I love u and can I pls have a shout out latterly I never ever ever ever ever ever had a shout out so pls and also can I pls come to ur safe house one day pls and also u won't tell anyone where it is and I'd not message back to me as soon as u can pls love u guys 💖

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    Spy ninjas forever

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    Laura McCannDay ago

    P vy

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    Do you know Regina Regina you’re a hacker

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    There's all of you five sponges that was filming

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    Who’s behind the camera is it Daniel

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    D lik. Hs. Akrat. An. Regina ❤️😍🥰😘💋

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    I miss them so much you miss Daniel so much

  50. Oliver Brati

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    I like your videos

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  55. marco adame jr

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    that photoshop is faker than project zorgo

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    Loren v

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    dude thats so little vy JESUS your a baby im sorry vy

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    6:54 Head phone users no don’t ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  66. Don Lake

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    654 Head phone users : no no no ahhhhhhhh

  67. Ariani badayos

    Ariani badayos2 days ago

    Melvin you can do it you use to be fat

  68. KarterAnimate

    KarterAnimate2 days ago

    Well..... I did this at home before I saw this vid and now I feel like how Vy feels I cut my hair

  69. DreamFanGamerXx 124

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    Who is holding the cam?

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  77. Yashu Acharya

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    Um that was weird when Daniel was on the call or something 😳

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    I really want to meet you one day

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    Since is only 4 spy ninjas now who's holding the camera PS I love you guys and I love your videos I have the spy ninja network app

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    hey can

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    I like the leak and the cheff there funny

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    Gummy mouth

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