I SAW HER FACE! Unmasking Girlfriend at First Sleepover Slumber Party

After Chad Wild Clay made "A NEW SPY NINJA? Can Alie (Daniel's Girlfriend) Beat the Spy Ninjas Tryouts?", Vy Qwaint created "IS SHE SUS? Spying on Alie to See if she Loves Daniel or is an Imposter Girlfriend", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "IGNORING MY BEST FRIENDS FOR 24 HOURS", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "ALIE EATEN BY A SHARK - Can My New Friend Go NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER in Roblox", the Spy Ninjas host the first slumber party with Alie ever! Except, Daniel's in for a treat! Alie reveals her face for the first time to Daniel and wow he's in love! Can the Spy Ninjas get a closer look or is the moment private? Melvin and Chad attempt ot unmask Alie the entire night. Vy and Regina host the slumber party with some super fun activities. The Spy Ninjas watch a movie, they play some virtual reality, and then it gets juicy! Bro vs Sis in an epic Pillow Fight war! Who wins? Watch to find out! Next, we see Alie vs Chad, and what happens next will blow your mind! After the pillow fight, the girls decide it's time for an unmasking, and Alie finally does. Is it exactly what Chad and Melvin were looking for? How does the Spy Ninjas react? Leave a comment below! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild ClayMonth ago

    I want to see her face! Keep your eye out Spy Ninjas and let me know if you see it!

  2. Neftaly Cruz

    Neftaly Cruz9 hours ago


  3. Jana Baire

    Jana Baire13 hours ago


  4. Keon Gavryel Nones-Salvador

    Keon Gavryel Nones-Salvador15 hours ago

    Chad i saw the face of alie

  5. Alen Druzic

    Alen DruzicDay ago


  6. Alen Druzic

    Alen DruzicDay ago

    Ally is da staker

  7. Luz De Luna

    Luz De Luna4 hours ago

    It's is sooooooo bad

  8. Rania Aryssa

    Rania Aryssa6 hours ago

    How a about you let aliebto be a spy Ninja and said to her open her mask

  9. Ana navejas

    Ana navejas6 hours ago

    I like when Vy slap Chad in the face

  10. Rhonda Rowe

    Rhonda Rowe10 hours ago


  11. Estrin Salim

    Estrin Salim11 hours ago

    when I see on Chad's birthday video I saw Alie without her mask!

  12. Estrin Salim

    Estrin Salim11 hours ago

    THat means we already know her face

  13. aasik diwan

    aasik diwan12 hours ago

    Spy ninjas I think you should see ALI‘s face by taking a mask and then start to do the league and when you finish doing that I command you to do this thing if you see one hackers life I will give you your Mirch a new Merc that I’m going to make at your channels but you need to do and take off her mask any girls mask

  14. Anjole Leedy

    Anjole Leedy14 hours ago

    Lead lead the Daniel Island in Sea House it is a little late for Anjole on your biggest guy said I wish you guys came in while I was saying

  15. Rolando Lerma

    Rolando Lerma15 hours ago

    You will not put her mask off because patient I’m just show you

  16. Keon Gavryel Nones-Salvador

    Keon Gavryel Nones-Salvador15 hours ago

    I know what alie's face looks

  17. Nilo Nava

    Nilo Nava16 hours ago


  18. Nina Hajir

    Nina Hajir17 hours ago

    Me to

  19. Tre Twana

    Tre Twana17 hours ago

    Chad Per litre is you mom

  20. AnaGelle Vlog

    AnaGelle VlogDay ago

    O my dan you date bad

  21. Zildjian Hadryne Reyes

    Zildjian Hadryne ReyesDay ago


  22. Stephanie Zamudio

    Stephanie ZamudioDay ago

    I am a big

  23. Laraib Kausar

    Laraib KausarDay ago

    Ali didn’t punch Melvin because she punched over Melvin

  24. Emmanuel Wright

    Emmanuel WrightDay ago


  25. evan Wang

    evan WangDay ago

    I want to see allies face

  26. Sierra Whitt

    Sierra WhittDay ago

    i see it

  27. Jeramie Howe

    Jeramie HoweDay ago

    She said they look disgusting



    They kiss

  29. Brendon Szolosi

    Brendon SzolosiDay ago

    I em not in inglish

  30. Imran S

    Imran SDay ago


  31. Mishkat Mishu

    Mishkat MishuDay ago

    chad your so coocoo

  32. Phanha Nuth

    Phanha NuthDay ago


  33. Cef. 690

    Cef. 690Day ago

    i want to see her face

  34. George What

    George What2 days ago

    when alie hit him: overreacting 100%

  35. Luana Sandberg-Maitland

    Luana Sandberg-Maitland2 days ago

    I think Allie will win

  36. Orion Segesman

    Orion Segesman2 days ago

    Give them privacy

  37. Orion Segesman

    Orion Segesman2 days ago

    Leave them alone them alone they mean privacy

  38. Stephanie Quinton

    Stephanie Quinton2 days ago

    Trying to see Alie face

  39. Stephanie Quinton

    Stephanie Quinton2 days ago


  40. chassidy Evans

    chassidy Evans2 days ago

    I think Alie should show all the spy ninjas her face

  41. Mya Ellis

    Mya Ellis2 days ago


  42. Diar Caramonte

    Diar Caramonte2 days ago

    You lie

  43. Nancy Chang

    Nancy Chang3 days ago

    I like Chad and vy and Melvin regena

  44. Bella Caceres

    Bella Caceres3 days ago

    Regevne likes danyal

  45. Miley Nguyen

    Miley Nguyen3 days ago


  46. Mariana Salviejo

    Mariana Salviejo3 days ago

    Alie's name is Alie when you put n Alien

  47. itzmeXx_AngelineXx

    itzmeXx_AngelineXx3 days ago

    I feel so bad that the spy ninjas ruined Daniels cake he worked so hard for it

  48. Sb Alex

    Sb Alex3 days ago


  49. Noah E

    Noah E3 days ago


  50. The gamer Clay

    The gamer Clay3 days ago

    Why does nobody noticed when chad and alie were pillow fighting chad got hit in the target

  51. The gamer Clay

    The gamer Clay3 days ago

    14:50 I see alie face omg omg go see it everyone

  52. Zoz Ali

    Zoz Ali3 days ago


  53. Victoria.F

    Victoria.F3 days ago

    Want to see Eli‘s face get paid receipting Chi Dt Pig roast I believeMono Way Li Shy Arc Sir Hbu Ok Dry Sea Buy Few Buy Minh Ute CD-R Tut Yin Ppl Re

  54. donatas leonavicius

    donatas leonavicius3 days ago

    Aliy is amasing

  55. Vinnie price lol

    Vinnie price lol3 days ago

    Alie sounds like perlita

  56. Ledi Muqaj

    Ledi Muqaj3 days ago

    I Like her but she is nit showing face

  57. Justin De Jesus Rosa

    Justin De Jesus Rosa3 days ago

    hi i am justin i wont to see her face

  58. Aliema Elektra

    Aliema Elektra3 days ago


  59. Mcmillien Ozor

    Mcmillien Ozor4 days ago

    Hello chad l love your videos

  60. EmankaZmi Kazmi

    EmankaZmi Kazmi4 days ago


  61. M JP

    M JP4 days ago


  62. M JP

    M JP4 days ago



    BIGTOENENA4 days ago

    😕 poor pz4 I forgot her name lol

  64. Rose Hernandez

    Rose Hernandez4 days ago

    while u guys were talking i saw then get close and it was so sweet also i think i saw it differently

  65. J.m. Sanchez

    J.m. Sanchez4 days ago

    DONT SLAP chad VY

  66. Dante Arguin

    Dante Arguin4 days ago


  67. Ricardo Pena

    Ricardo Pena4 days ago

    Name is Delaney and I am a girl and I am big fan of the spy ninjas plus Daniel and Ally her hair is where is the chef in the league to they are not normal because they want to fight you because you helped him and the blue spine ninja legends plus replacement Daniel is it inside I know how to stop it but he has the house where off it’s gonna wear off

  68. Benedict Acquin

    Benedict Acquin4 days ago




    I saw Ali's face sorry

  70. Vy Li

    Vy Li4 days ago

    Chad she is the stocker

  71. Kaitlyn Crisanto

    Kaitlyn Crisanto4 days ago


  72. shan kaleem

    shan kaleem4 days ago

    I want to see her face

  73. Jayden Jiang Vlogs

    Jayden Jiang Vlogs4 days ago

    I saw alie face when She hit chad by pillow

  74. Saj Enterprise

    Saj Enterprise4 days ago

    How is alie so cute

  75. Kirsten Grier

    Kirsten Grier4 days ago

    Shut up🤐🤐

  76. Elizabeth Ende

    Elizabeth Ende4 days ago

    We want to see her face.

  77. Cassandra Ruiz

    Cassandra Ruiz4 days ago

    I want see her face

  78. Rakan AlshattiYou’re not picking you up baby

    Rakan AlshattiYou’re not picking you up baby5 days ago

    This is funny right

  79. anatgalarza

    anatgalarza5 days ago

    She is Hughley

  80. Lacie jai Apprenticeship

    Lacie jai Apprenticeship5 days ago

    I really want to see her face

  81. Mishal Bgomez

    Mishal Bgomez5 days ago

    Regina is jealous

  82. Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i

    Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i5 days ago

    Ali why do you not show your real smile on your face I never saw it and do USloft channels please just she put so many comments I love your videos and lady please Nath joint horse Raza ratchet whatever he's next drawing Chef the chef he wear the mask he's just down and Daniel would never tell us what is Chad secret secret I don't know please just tell us Daniel please to do just tell me what is taxi Grace what is Secret please tell me what is Patsy friend I need your Kiki challenge I got you I know your secret ready you have a moustache now just tell me what it is please please

  83. Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i

    Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i5 days ago

    Chad I love your videos and I'm sorry I put so many comments

  84. Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i

    Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i5 days ago

    I like your movies Chad Envy great movie Batman I'm on my break Ali you're great and I like your own bro oke I did

  85. Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i

    Valentina Ekhoruntomwent7u8i5 days ago

    I like movie movie

  86. crizzette mae duma-up

    crizzette mae duma-up5 days ago

    alli hypnotized daniel

  87. A G GAMING

    A G GAMING5 days ago

    Show the FACE pls

  88. Hind Albraiki

    Hind Albraiki5 days ago

    Khhdx I don’t know I don’t want saying nope no oh yes a stocker I’m not my house🎃👽☠️💀👻😈😹🦿👣🦾🦾🦿🧠😴😵😭🥺😏🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 birthday Ally I love you as my ninjas Love you lots

  89. Salsabeel Zahra

    Salsabeel Zahra6 days ago

    its there privicy dont do that

  90. CHAN YU JING Moe

    CHAN YU JING Moe6 days ago

    alies nose look pointy


    FLOG BROTHER6 days ago

    I want to see your face

  92. LUBNA L

    LUBNA L6 days ago

    I saw Daniel kissing Ali

  93. K. Lorraine

    K. Lorraine6 days ago

    Chad Milton don't you dare try to mess up that the slumber party what about they were just Melvin wish that the hacker what do you wanna just ignore you again and this time he buy an old ignore you Melvin and Chad but they're not gonna know where the girls for trimester to mess up mess ia

  94. Mr. Fisha

    Mr. Fisha6 days ago

    I feel like when ever one of you guys need ice the ice bag is open

  95. Victor Manzano

    Victor Manzano6 days ago


  96. Ruby channel

    Ruby channel6 days ago

    Chad wild clay I love your videos I love you spy ninja friends I love their videos to

  97. Milan Kovacs

    Milan Kovacs6 days ago

    leave Alie alone Chad and Melvin she's not ready!

  98. Raiden Nakagawa

    Raiden Nakagawa7 days ago

    Jasonhorton is right

  99. Alex Duogene

    Alex Duogene7 days ago

    Chad Daniel is captured

  100. Alex Duogene

    Alex Duogene7 days ago

    Would have a problem with spelling words DIY

  101. Alex Duogene

    Alex Duogene7 days ago

    Chad wild clay

  102. Javianna's Crazy World of Games!

    Javianna's Crazy World of Games!7 days ago

    Ok Chad clay 🤔😮

  103. Mayra Villa

    Mayra Villa7 days ago


  104. GLENN Hilland

    GLENN Hilland7 days ago

    Chad Daniel needs help now

  105. renee foster

    renee foster7 days ago


  106. Tammy Bross

    Tammy Bross7 days ago


  107. Caelyn Saenz

    Caelyn Saenz8 days ago

    I like the part when Regina SPILLED THE TATER TOTS LOL

  108. Noah Bell

    Noah Bell8 days ago