I'M LOSING ALL MY FRIENDS... Regina Left the Spy Ninjas to Join Daniel Stalker Team

After Chad Wild Clay made "YOU LOSE = PAINT YOUR BODY - First To Finish Art School Wins Funny Painting Drawing Challenge!", Vy Qwaint created "SPY NINJAS vs TEAM DANIEL But if You LAUGH You LOSE the Extreme Funny Challenge Game", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "REGINA LEFT SPY NINJAS to Join DANIEL?", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "Can VY Go NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER in ROBLOX OBBY?", Regina left to go join Daniel's group! We don't know why she suddenly up and left. Then out of nowhere Horseradish drops into our safe house! He gives us some clues we don't understand before dashing off into our safe house, but he mentioned Regina. So now the Spy Ninjas have to track him down and have him tell them what's wrong with her. They split up to cover more ground in the safehouse, but suddenly Chad and Melvin both get gassed! It's up to Vy to rescue them, but the Doppelganger suddenly shows up and it looks like he's after Horseradish! After sneaking past him and finding where Chad and Melvin are they find out that Chad's arms and Melvin's legs don't work! They are about to get caught when out of nowhere Horseradish challenges the Doppelganger and runs out of the safe house to the park to hide. So they follow in close pursuit. Once the Spy Ninjas get there Horseradish is nowhere to be found. We look around for a bit and run into some strange people, but we finally find him. The Spy Ninjas confront him about the clues he told us and he only hands us the balloons. Then Doppelganger busts onto the scene and knocks Horseradish out! The Spy Ninjas have to fight, but Chad and Melvin are handicapped so they are easily defeated before the Doppelganger runs off with Horseradish. Once the Spy Ninjas recover they hear a voice. It's Regina but somethings wrong. She's not herself. They try to find out what's wrong before she suddenly passes out! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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    Why are you break a glass of a pan like you should be you should be worried about that instead of talking to chat you should be really about that so yeah go pack your stuff and get your own home if you don’t find a home stay on the street if you want to get a attitude

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