CHAD IS HURT! Finding Nicole, the New Blue Spy Ninja

After Chad Wild Clay made "WHAT IS WRONG WITH DANIEL?", Vy Qwaint created "THE NEW BLUE SPY NINJA IS...", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "I FOUND CHAD'S SECRET... It Will End The Spy Ninjas if Revealed", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "WIN in ROBLOX or else What Happens Next is SHOCKING", Chad's back has been seriously injured, and he's not in any condition to run any Spy Ninja missions! It is bad because now we know where our long-lost Spy Ninja candidate, Nicole is! The team HAS to split up here, so a team can watch over the safe house, and the others can go to rescue the missing ninja. Chad's back is so injured that he needs to stay in a wheelchair for who knows how long! He is unable to even walk, so he must stay home, along with his keeper, Vy! This leaves team Skull and Crossbones, or rather, Melvin and Regina, to embark on the mission to save the future 5th Spy Ninja, Nicole! Just when we thought the team couldn't get any more split, Chad gets injured and the team is even more split than before. Will they be successful today? How will Chad's back ever recover from this? Is Nicole ever going to be safe as a Spy Ninja?! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay13 days ago

    My back is injured but we need to go find Nicole! If you want to be a Spy Ninja, get our gadgets here

  2. jess drganc

    jess drganc13 days ago

    Chad and vy can you come to Mildura

  3. Alex_gaming

    Alex_gaming13 days ago

    Awww get well chad

  4. Lee Griffiths

    Lee Griffiths13 days ago

    Chad I hope you get better 💔❤️😭

  5. Troy Haven

    Troy Haven13 days ago

    If you love the spy ninjas 👇

  6. fiona j g burns

    fiona j g burns13 days ago

    @xXBxrry PlaysXx me he'll yeah

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  8. Chinwoke Tizzkid

    Chinwoke Tizzkid2 hours ago

    We've had a lot of issues recovering our account before thanks to teecracks on iG who got it back for me..

  9. Chanelle22q Livingstone

    Chanelle22q Livingstone3 hours ago

    Melvin he shafed 🪒 his baerd 🧔

  10. Chanelle22q Livingstone

    Chanelle22q Livingstone4 hours ago

    Poor chad

  11. Jade Le

    Jade Le6 hours ago

    I was laughing when chad take of the stand!? 😹😂

  12. Jeff Uns

    Jeff Uns6 hours ago

    I wish this by ninjas no don't do a challenge

  13. Jeff Uns

    Jeff Uns6 hours ago

    I want to spy ninjas to do live

  14. Jeff Uns

    Jeff Uns6 hours ago

    Hi what I say you subscribe to Chad wild day

  15. Jeff Uns

    Jeff Uns6 hours ago

    Sep 52 chat while play

  16. Md Asif

    Md Asif9 hours ago

    No nicole

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    Jose Meza9 hours ago

    I.m gonna be at your house to tomorrow's

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    Jose Meza9 hours ago


  19. Natalie Figueroa

    Natalie Figueroa11 hours ago

    Beko don't do that I said I don't Gina Bun B her back so if you don't have to do anymore

  20. pedro valentin hernandez trejo

    pedro valentin hernandez trejo11 hours ago

    Hi I am ur bigess fan

  21. Koreen Webster

    Koreen Webster13 hours ago

    Decking to get a baby chair that Knigge baby

  22. Norwegian donkey Man

    Norwegian donkey Man13 hours ago

    Not going to lie Chad looks like he’s trying to speed run life

  23. kelly neto

    kelly neto14 hours ago


  24. Bayu Trybuana

    Bayu Trybuana15 hours ago

    OMG I finally found chad it’s been one year

  25. hong mai

    hong mai15 hours ago

    Your you are o ok

  26. Hwang Lee Sha

    Hwang Lee Sha17 hours ago

    Call The ambulance u stupied

  27. sulit jc • 5 years ago

    sulit jc • 5 years ago19 hours ago


  28. Areeba Osama

    Areeba Osama21 hour ago

    or we said she is ded

  29. Areeba Osama

    Areeba Osama21 hour ago

    necole is bad

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    Keyzia CremonaDay ago


  33. Bat Gaming

    Bat GamingDay ago

    I was fine with you faking hackers and everything but faking a back injury Thats not funny.

  34. Trinity Jones

    Trinity JonesDay ago

    oh that might have hurt.

  35. Ana Argueta

    Ana ArguetaDay ago


  36. Elizabeth Sanchez

    Elizabeth SanchezDay ago

    I am in big danger please save me are attacking my house please help me leave they're talkin my house the leader project zorgo

  37. Phuong Thao Nguyen

    Phuong Thao NguyenDay ago

    Okay merci

  38. Courtney Byers

    Courtney ByersDay ago

    You are the best 😄

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    Nandika LalchanDay ago




    Losing to a child 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Jazmine Martin

    Jazmine MartinDay ago

    Chad Kingpin is after you



    What a bad fighter the PZ9 is. Regina is hacking division boss. Melvin is the boss of fighting division but he lost to the stalker and hacking division group hehe 😂😂😈😈






    3:45 look at me



    All you read is late comments not early ones

  47. Lucina Flores

    Lucina FloresDay ago

    Djxkwpwgtjmjdgwmjmtj' mw. Mt wwgI

  48. Jessica Barber-Cousins

    Jessica Barber-CousinsDay ago

    I love you so so much 💕❤️🧡❤️🧡💛💛💚

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    marcel alundayDay ago

    What about Daniel and alie

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    I love you chad i am not give up if you self the lezerd

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  58. Debraleen Rudolph

    Debraleen Rudolph2 days ago

    Kalrr gren

  59. tzuyu simp

    tzuyu simp2 days ago

    only watched this for the twice reference 😭

  60. Wesley Mark Hardwick

    Wesley Mark Hardwick2 days ago

    A backpack and dumb dumb

  61. vyanethrios

    vyanethrios2 days ago

    🤣🤣i haven’t watched them in a while and I come back to this this whole video made me laugh because of chad

  62. Madeline Serrano

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  63. nugget dino

    nugget dino2 days ago

    =^= I am a hacker and we did noting wrong I only hack games but soon I will hack you tubers =) pz 4 life

  64. christyleeply

    christyleeply2 days ago

    It isn’t real

  65. Bryce Pacheco

    Bryce Pacheco2 days ago

    Boo Boo

  66. Mecca Williams

    Mecca Williams2 days ago

    Chad can I be a part of the spy ninjas I am train. I know how to fight and I do come through

  67. kariharan Jeevalatha

    kariharan Jeevalatha2 days ago

    chad last year CLICK ON COME BACK DANIEL DANIEL IS GONE dainel he is blocked

  68. kariharan Jeevalatha

    kariharan Jeevalatha2 days ago

    chad go

  69. Flor Silva

    Flor Silva2 days ago



    ERNESTO DIAZ SOSA2 days ago

    I want to be a spy ninjia

  71. India Medina

    India Medina2 days ago

    Poor chad

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  73. Kalavati Tandel

    Kalavati Tandel2 days ago

    Don't worry Chad you will fix everything and Daniel

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    Kalavati Tandel2 days ago

    Can I be your fan

  76. the goat clapper

    the goat clapper2 days ago

    Spy ninjas forever

  77. William Machar

    William Machar2 days ago

    I think it’s turning a secret hey say the project Zorgo leader

  78. Minzo Akter

    Minzo Akter2 days ago

    # Spy ninjas forever

  79. Daveon Hazard

    Daveon Hazard2 days ago

    He gave the leader his kidney

  80. ka lin

    ka lin2 days ago

    What a brainwashed!!!

  81. Daniel Olivares

    Daniel Olivares2 days ago

    Say f u hacker so they we get depressed I did not say a Bad word

  82. Candise Pruitt

    Candise Pruitt2 days ago

    Are you ok

  83. karen hannah you rockon Barton

    karen hannah you rockon Barton2 days ago

    My midul name is Nicole

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  86. Daniel Alessi

    Daniel Alessi2 days ago

    Nicole can be a spy ninjas

  87. Daniel Alessi

    Daniel Alessi2 days ago

    Nicole can be a Blue Spy Ninja 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  88. Martin England

    Martin England2 days ago


  89. JustVenom

    JustVenom2 days ago

    Wait i got an idea Chad:red melvin:green Vy:pink Daniel:blue rehina!yellow nicole:purple

  90. stan janssens

    stan janssens3 days ago


  91. Riyah Huggins

    Riyah Huggins3 days ago

    I love my red hat

  92. Infinity Music

    Infinity Music3 days ago

    15:02 My man is having bad connection he just standing there

  93. manisha shukla

    manisha shukla3 days ago

    Chad how much year old are you

  94. Adeeba & Jana

    Adeeba & Jana3 days ago

    I wanna be a spy ninja

  95. Susan Powell

    Susan Powell3 days ago

    I love you Chad and vy

  96. Susan Powell

    Susan Powell3 days ago

    I love you Chad

  97. the cool kids

    the cool kids3 days ago

    More hackers!!!!

  98. Eugene Johnson

    Eugene Johnson3 days ago

    Chow wild Clay is you okay when the hackers kick you on the back child won't play cuz if I see you guys and Las Vegas I will come visit you guys and I will come see if y'all know me my name is Shania if you guys is listening I want to say chava clay if you okay when the hackers kick you in the back of my name is s h e n i a and I hope you have a great day tell Patrick so girl they didn't imagine business before I come to Las Vegas and beat them up like I did like kids to mess with me obi like between she's my favorite cuz she's like she's a tiny spy ninja but I still like her I like child play be Queens I like Daniel I like Regina and I like everyone who lives in the Spider-Man even Melvin

  99. [Elizabeth Afton]

    [Elizabeth Afton]3 days ago

    Nicole is my freaking friend- (a different Nicole I'm just saying that's her name Lol)


    AARUSH KAWLE3 days ago

    Batarang more like chadarang

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    Nina Hajir3 days ago

    Hi l am new

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  103. 2 Percent me

    2 Percent me3 days ago

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    Mr bobux boi3 days ago

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    Alicia Cruz3 days ago

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    Alaniz Benitez3 days ago

    I have frequently favorite spicy chips Pacito between Facebook

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    PinkRose Fancy Fairy3 days ago

    lol omg 4:50 I LOVE TWICE