After Chad Wild Clay made "IS CHEF THE STALKER? Lie Detector Test in Prison", Vy Qwaint created "STALKER DRONE CAUGHT in my HAIR | Humiliated But Ending is SHOCKING!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "WE MESSED UP... (we're sorry)", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "CLOAKER HELPS ME ESCAPE PRISON! Jail Break Roblox Hiding Clues in a Volcano", we decided to catch our stalker and get him arrested! We thought it was Chef Crouton, the mysterious man who ruined our romantic date! We called the FBI and Agent Ford put handcuffs on the Chef and threw him in jail! But then the Stalker was still uploading to his Instagram and flying his drone to spy on us in the backyard! He is still out there in real life! The chef was framed! He is innocent! We did a lie detector test on him and he said he would reveal who the stalker his, their face and all if we help him escape from the prison! We decided to go on a mission to break into the jail! We had to play hide and seek with the police guards. I hope they don't catch us! We had to crawl through secret hidden tunnels to climb up into the jail cell! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay2 months ago

    We need to get the Chef out of Jail because he is not the stalker!

  2. zorry stoyanova

    zorry stoyanova14 hours ago

    Chad tell Daniel that Alies name spells a lie

  3. Umm E Hania Hussain

    Umm E Hania HussainMonth ago

    Spy ninjas I think I know who the stalker is its pz 11 I think so

  4. Saif

    Saif2 months ago


  5. Laura Brandy

    Laura Brandy2 months ago

    Hi Chad did you escape prison or not I saw you in Roblox

  6. Halo Cayen

    Halo Cayen2 months ago

    Hi Charlie this is actually you I have been watching you for so much and Daniel and yes then yes and I love you so much so my phone my name is Halo and I'm 6 years old so I will be love your best so much I believe I'm talking to you right now like can you see going to see my comment again name is Halo and you already know that yes goodbye and yeah you I love you I was with Gina and be and you you're my favorite USloftr also and Daniel Daniel's like a burger

  7. Renesmee Morillo

    Renesmee Morillo31 minute ago

    Stop screaming vy if you scream they will here you and plus your scream is veeerrrryyyyy loud geez

  8. Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez6 hours ago

    Le chef is the stalker

  9. zorry stoyanova

    zorry stoyanova14 hours ago

    The molrat is the dopleganger

  10. zorry stoyanova

    zorry stoyanova14 hours ago

    I think it is the dopleganger

  11. Rocel Virmeli Fredriksen- Vergabera

    Rocel Virmeli Fredriksen- Vergabera17 hours ago

    wait the eyes looks familer the eyes looks the same as dopple gear

  12. Adriana Rojas-Ganzer

    Adriana Rojas-GanzerDay ago

    i think i know whos the stalker its alley

  13. Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreDay ago

    Just better get out there's awful King

  14. Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreDay ago

    You got the wrong prisoner the awful King is there I said the awful thing is there cuz I saw the white mask so the white eyes not the white I mean the black guys and that's him the alpha gamer

  15. Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreDay ago

    It's the awful danger

  16. Michelle Moore

    Michelle MooreDay ago

    Don't believe him that is that is the bad guy he won't that is the leak or do you know who the last time copy Chad that is him that time he's pranking you he doesn't want you guys get out he just want you guys could he's going to delete you into the wrong direction

  17. Ashley O.

    Ashley O.2 days ago

    why did you say would help him

  18. Nicole Bendana

    Nicole Bendana2 days ago

    Or he is the stalker

  19. Jennifer Morales

    Jennifer Morales2 days ago


  20. jelly cool3y Yt

    jelly cool3y Yt3 days ago

    3:44 the lock is not even locked to the door.

  21. CTFortnite Gamer

    CTFortnite Gamer3 days ago

    When chad sprayed it again I died

  22. JustVenom

    JustVenom3 days ago

    Tôi hy vọng yow thấy bình luận này của Vy và chad im vietnamese

  23. Wynn Kyrie Basbas

    Wynn Kyrie Basbas3 days ago

    I see

  24. Wynn Kyrie Basbas

    Wynn Kyrie Basbas3 days ago

    In The start

  25. Wynn Kyrie Basbas

    Wynn Kyrie Basbas3 days ago

    You see doublegangr

  26. Maryam Al-Kanyali

    Maryam Al-Kanyali3 days ago

    wait chad that is the doupledager acteing when you saw him in the sewers

  27. Dylan McEntee

    Dylan McEntee4 days ago

    👩 👚 👖 🥿

  28. Shakila Bi

    Shakila Bi5 days ago

    I want to video chat I love him

  29. Shakila Bi

    Shakila Bi5 days ago

    Like your video chat

  30. Masonthegamer

    Masonthegamer5 days ago


  31. Trevor Durham

    Trevor Durham6 days ago


  32. Gail Hewitt

    Gail Hewitt7 days ago


  33. Rabia Khan

    Rabia Khan7 days ago

    /Daniel needs help

  34. Cesia Ramirez

    Cesia Ramirez7 days ago

    # your friend needs help

  35. Tt G

    Tt G7 days ago

    What did your friend do to get in jail 🤔

  36. Joseph Cione

    Joseph Cione7 days ago

    If you guys watch this over then you will notice that dude is the double game

  37. Serenity Delgado

    Serenity Delgado7 days ago

    # Daniel needs help

  38. King Maisha

    King Maisha7 days ago


  39. King Maisha

    King Maisha7 days ago


  40. King Maisha

    King Maisha7 days ago

    Daniel Daniel needs help Ali trying to make band U2 where the the the gold mask

  41. King Maisha

    King Maisha7 days ago


  42. Giovanny Carmona

    Giovanny Carmona7 days ago

    Chad Daniel needs help he is not hypnotizing go help him

  43. jazz

    jazz7 days ago


  44. jazz

    jazz7 days ago

    I am scared for you

  45. jazz

    jazz7 days ago


  46. jazz

    jazz7 days ago

    If you die

  47. jazz

    jazz7 days ago

    I am scared for you

  48. jazz

    jazz7 days ago

    i F y o U D i E

  49. Butterfly

    Butterfly7 days ago

    Guys the person you guys found in the tunnels at the start it the doppelganger

  50. Abeer Khaled Raed Khaled Al Share

    Abeer Khaled Raed Khaled Al Share7 days ago

    What Daniel need to say he’s not hypnotise anymore

  51. Katie Mitchell

    Katie Mitchell3 days ago


  52. kenji djojo

    kenji djojo7 days ago

    daniel needs help pls

  53. Jai Sankar

    Jai Sankar7 days ago

    Cat needs help I can help

  54. Ollie Copeland

    Ollie Copeland7 days ago

    That was the doepoulganger

  55. Jana Spura

    Jana Spura7 days ago

    Danjel neadz help

  56. Nayelli Horton

    Nayelli Horton8 days ago

    Doppelgänger is the imposter

  57. Nickie Lamb

    Nickie Lamb8 days ago

    That guy you talked to with the doppelganger

  58. Avanti Avanti

    Avanti Avanti8 days ago

    Loook at his mask under it’s the double gangster

  59. Sherrie Andrews

    Sherrie Andrews8 days ago

    I can't stop laughing because when the gard hit the other gard 😂😂😂

  60. Mai Truong

    Mai Truong8 days ago

    that guy in the sewer looks like the doppelganger because the eyes

  61. Lorena Noarin

    Lorena Noarin8 days ago

    With all black

  62. Fatima Zahweh

    Fatima Zahweh8 days ago

    that person is the dopell ganger

  63. Lorena Noarin

    Lorena Noarin8 days ago

    Yap he’s the staker

  64. Ibrahim Ali

    Ibrahim Ali9 days ago

    That is the dabolgangar

  65. Eka Gujabidze

    Eka Gujabidze10 days ago

    The wierd guy in the tunnels was the doploganger becuase if you look closely at the eyes

  66. Kerija Kuze

    Kerija Kuze10 days ago


  67. keilaha williams

    keilaha williams10 days ago

    The chef is bad now because he joined nasal game a evil organization that does not mean that you are not the spy ninjas is never give up

  68. Amy Peters

    Amy Peters10 days ago

    That’s Peezy Waggy



    Solitary dont look like that

  70. Aaliya Ulya

    Aaliya Ulya11 days ago

    Imagine getting a heart from chad😭😭😭🤧🤧 i am a big fan of you

  71. Johanna Mariano

    Johanna Mariano11 days ago

    the person you saw in the sewer is dobbleganger

  72. Magdlen Agong

    Magdlen Agong12 days ago

    the guy that u met at first was the dobblegangger

  73. Calvin The Gamer

    Calvin The Gamer13 days ago

    Chad, us Daniel and Melvin is in the Tesla?

  74. 2D30楊耀銘

    2D30楊耀銘15 days ago

    That guy in the present underneath the tunnel is the doppelgänger

  75. party girl

    party girl15 days ago

    We dont like the spy ninja in a jail

  76. _queen _

    _queen _17 days ago

    Talking to you you can take the key OK well you’re not looking take the key

  77. Mantong Wei

    Mantong Wei18 days ago

    The black guy that has holes in his mask is the doppelgänger.

  78. Juhan Ahmed

    Juhan Ahmed18 days ago

    That’s the doppelgänger

  79. keianna baker

    keianna baker19 days ago

    Kind thing to do

  80. Dale Amos

    Dale Amos19 days ago


  81. isaac bromley

    isaac bromley19 days ago

    camra in bacegrand

  82. Blocky Girl

    Blocky Girl19 days ago

    That dude is the leak

  83. Destinee Orr

    Destinee Orr19 days ago

    That was the doppelgänger I saw the part of his mask sticking out look very close

  84. Justin Pye

    Justin Pye20 days ago

    It was the doppelgänger

  85. Jayce Doeun

    Jayce Doeun20 days ago

    The black guy in a tunnel that’s a doppelgänger

  86. Silrose Germeil

    Silrose Germeil21 day ago

    Unmmmmmmmmmmmm this. Look like same body is the doppelganger

  87. milani pride

    milani pride22 days ago


  88. milani pride

    milani pride22 days ago


  89. milani pride

    milani pride22 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhhhh cops

  90. milani pride

    milani pride22 days ago

    That creepy man is The stalker aka pz11 he is The dolblganger

  91. milani pride

    milani pride22 days ago



    SPY NINJAS CWC22 days ago


  93. Yessica ubii

    Yessica ubii22 days ago

    Hi my name is Natalie I’m very sad news for Mandarir

  94. Priya Hirani

    Priya Hirani23 days ago

    Chad why do you did the chef get arrested

  95. Jasmee G

    Jasmee G23 days ago

    It is a 100000000000% Alie because like A -lie so that is proof and I subscribe to Chad and Vy sorry to Melvin and Regina

  96. Michael Moore

    Michael Moore23 days ago


  97. Evan Masri

    Evan Masri23 days ago


  98. Natan Sztytowski

    Natan Sztytowski23 days ago

    You are doing bad things 😳😳😳😕😕😕😕😕

  99. Courtney Vaughn

    Courtney Vaughn24 days ago

    How are you play is that you Chad wild clay V Queen Melvin Daniel and Regina BP you are alive watch all of them videos project zorgo do not never take down yo USloft you are the best USloftr in the whole world

  100. Z H

    Z H24 days ago

    The person that you meat in the tunnels at the beginning of the video was the dobble ganger because I looked close and I saw his mask

  101. sarin hong

    sarin hong25 days ago

    That's a doppelganger Freddy's the one said I print on the breakout prison

  102. ameila

    ameila26 days ago


  103. Maria Feliciano

    Maria Feliciano27 days ago

    U guys are in bad truble because thats the pyco the one that had chads eltric numbchucks

  104. Noor Aizilah Ismail

    Noor Aizilah Ismail28 days ago

    the stalker is the dogaleger

  105. Zachariah Jones

    Zachariah Jones28 days ago

    1:00 doppelganger

  106. Chitra Maheshwari class 7th A Maheshwari

    Chitra Maheshwari class 7th A Maheshwari23 days ago

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  107. Zachariah Jones

    Zachariah Jones28 days ago

    look close at the guys face under the prison it's the doppelganger

  108. Royce Nahe

    Royce Nahe28 days ago


  109. Amani and King

    Amani and King28 days ago


  110. Ellie Ellie

    Ellie Ellie28 days ago

    Chad i know who the staker is its elie

  111. Sara Radzik

    Sara Radzik29 days ago

    They don't seem like there real cops because they got a stun baton and they have white mask kovering there hole intire face