CLOAKER IS BACK To Help Rescue Daniel's Girlfriend Kidnapped by Stalker

After Chad Wild Clay made "CWC vs STALKER Battle Royale in Real Life after Finding Clues on Chef Instagram", Vy Qwaint created "PLAYING AMONG US in Real Life but My STALKER is the Imposter Role", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "MY GIRLFRIEND IS KIDNAPPED by My Stalker!", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "ALIENS ARE REAL! SIS vs BRO Roblox Obby Spy Ninjas Challenge", we decided to hunt down the Stalker. He is the Chef who was at the Valentines Day Secret Crush Romantic Date between Daniel and his girlfriend, Alie. Suddenly, Alie went missing! The commenters used their Spy Ninja detective skills to find clues to reveal that Alie is in danger! Daniel went on a solo mission adventure for 24 hours! The mysterious ex-hacker, the Cloaker appeared to rescue him! The Cloaker is now going. to teamup with all the Spy Ninjas to rescue Daniel's kidnapped girlfriend from the stalker. Get ready for a battle royale! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay2 months ago

    Spy Ninjas, help us figure out who has kidnapped Daniel's girlfriend and where she might be!




  3. Pets 4 Love

    Pets 4 Love2 days ago

    I think alie might be in the tesla with the chef🙋

  4. Pets 4 Love

    Pets 4 Love2 days ago

    She might be in the tesla with the chef😼

  5. Ameia Ward

    Ameia Ward17 days ago

    Chad you are kind and nise

  6. Patrick Niupulusu

    Patrick NiupulusuMonth ago

    Hey you should say me I am the sponge

  7. Muhammad Yasir Iqbal

    Muhammad Yasir Iqbal14 hours ago



    ELAINADay ago

    “9” ^ 3 ^ ^ - ^

  9. Wafya Wydad girl

    Wafya Wydad girl2 days ago

    I think cloaker like alie

  10. Pets 4 Love

    Pets 4 Love2 days ago

    I don't know where she is but I hope she's an a ok😮

  11. Nor Indra Putra indra

    Nor Indra Putra indra3 days ago


  12. Chloe Lynn

    Chloe Lynn3 days ago

    I am so glad and then you came back to y’all how are you guys do a swimming race challenge whoever wins gets to the other players they have to put slime on their face and keep it down for 10 minutes and see how their face looks if the other team assisted you get it

  13. Wynn Kyrie Basbas

    Wynn Kyrie Basbas3 days ago


  14. Elisabeth Robinson

    Elisabeth Robinson3 days ago

    Alie is the stalker

  15. Vanessa Volobujeva

    Vanessa Volobujeva4 days ago

    Alie is the stoker

  16. Ellie Mileham

    Ellie Mileham4 days ago

    Hi I’m not the stalker alie is a stalker

  17. nataletun

    nataletun4 days ago

    Two kids days another ones aren’t have funny 😆

  18. Cyrus

    Cyrus5 days ago

    Hi i am pz40

  19. Princess Candy

    Princess Candy5 days ago

    Can I join the spy ninjas

  20. Chris Gilliam

    Chris Gilliam5 days ago

    The Leak askent

  21. Lisa Price

    Lisa Price5 days ago

    Accidentally jdjdijdk Deedxmmdmsm🪵sksksksskiejdjdkdkxkdkkxkxkdxkkddkdkdkdkkddkdkrkkr Keep

  22. Marcus and Megan Burke

    Marcus and Megan Burke5 days ago

    H mite be clocer

  23. Marcus and Megan Burke

    Marcus and Megan Burke5 days ago

    Project zorgo is watching...

  24. Halima Osman

    Halima Osman6 days ago


  25. Derreon Mouton

    Derreon Mouton6 days ago


  26. Jodie McMahon

    Jodie McMahon6 days ago

    hi name is emily

  27. Juan Maldonado

    Juan Maldonado6 days ago


  28. Juan Maldonado

    Juan Maldonado6 days ago


  29. Juan Maldonado

    Juan Maldonado7 days ago


  30. Nia D'souza

    Nia D'souza7 days ago

    Danial girlfriend😘😂rite

  31. Peach Peach

    Peach Peach7 days ago

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  32. Noel Cordova

    Noel Cordova7 days ago

    Chad does stocker is Jago Ali and Delete Doubleganger And slattery' . Chaff That black mask that's Robbie long and white

  33. Roushan Al Kurdi

    Roushan Al Kurdi8 days ago

    8812332 project zorgo language over your secret project zorgo language about the red safe code is but you will never know that's not recorded the right to say it the best friendship is on the language of I'm saying the finger I went to the website

  34. Ignes Suwanto

    Ignes Suwanto8 days ago

    Hi Chad

  35. Ignes Suwanto

    Ignes Suwanto8 days ago

    Hi Chat

  36. Ignes Suwanto

    Ignes Suwanto8 days ago


  37. Grace Kanani

    Grace Kanani8 days ago

    I love you Spy n

  38. Hunter11 Hunter

    Hunter11 Hunter8 days ago


  39. Maja

    Maja8 days ago


  40. Abigailplayz

    Abigailplayz8 days ago

    Cloker can be a spy ninjas

  41. maliek dunbar

    maliek dunbar9 days ago

    look behind you

  42. Brian JUAREZ

    Brian JUAREZ9 days ago

    I'm your biggest fan

  43. Cosmin Muntean

    Cosmin Muntean9 days ago

    you fucen etye

  44. Cosmin Muntean

    Cosmin Muntean9 days ago

    the bad boy

  45. Perla Xoxo

    Perla Xoxo10 days ago

    i feel like the cloaker is H

  46. Perla Xoxo

    Perla Xoxo10 days ago

    she said talk to bob

  47. Marianela Gonzalez

    Marianela Gonzalez10 days ago

    Cloaked should be a spy ninja

  48. Houa V

    Houa V11 days ago


  49. aimee landicho

    aimee landicho11 days ago

    I barely laugh when cloaker said where's the girl instead of saying where is ally 11:12

  50. Yanni Oliver

    Yanni Oliver2 days ago

    Yeah she's captured

  51. aimee landicho

    aimee landicho11 days ago

    And legend over there work on the spelling bad spelling bro i'm not saying that you're an idiot i'm just trying to say you need to work on your spelling keep up the work

  52. aimee landicho

    aimee landicho11 days ago

    Not that raining bob the one that doesn't speak alis said billy bob the hacker bro you guys are idiots it's not sesame street grout the puppet it's what cloaker said the abandoned building idiot

  53. aimee landicho

    aimee landicho11 days ago

    Ali said billy bob

  54. Taneka Wright

    Taneka Wright11 days ago


  55. Muhammad Rehan Habib

    Muhammad Rehan Habib12 days ago


  56. Tracey Walker

    Tracey Walker12 days ago

    I love the cloaker cause the start of the vid Melvin punched cloaker and he punched him back ❤❤

  57. Gaming with Stab

    Gaming with Stab13 days ago


  58. Sandie Rogers

    Sandie Rogers13 days ago


  59. S A

    S A13 days ago

    Now know :0 oooh hi bob

  60. S A

    S A13 days ago

    Vy l no love USloft!

  61. Johnny Duque

    Johnny Duque14 days ago

    No No AILY

  62. Mason Seitllari

    Mason Seitllari15 days ago

    Ninjas you won’t be able to find a stocker but if you find him attack or battle royale him and get alley back it’s so bad to leave Allie there fighting with hackers or stockers or whoever it’s too bad you gotta go saver and fight those hackers or stalker you have to fight the stocker so you can get alley back and his teammates that’s why you need to fight him and Daniel found clues you can look at the clues that Daniel found😱😱😱😱🤞🏿

  63. Benjamin Buhendea

    Benjamin Buhendea15 days ago

    We are the spy ninjas

  64. Kamlesh Prashar

    Kamlesh Prashar16 days ago


  65. Kamlesh Prashar

    Kamlesh Prashar16 days ago

    Ellie was behind you

  66. Kamlesh Prashar

    Kamlesh Prashar16 days ago

    Behind you

  67. Tracy Ryan

    Tracy Ryan16 days ago

    omg she got kidnapped

  68. Lailah Shorey

    Lailah Shorey16 days ago


  69. 79kts

    79kts16 days ago

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  70. زينب حسن محمد

    زينب حسن محمد16 days ago

    Cloaker is op

  71. Da_Captain Boy_Wonder

    Da_Captain Boy_Wonder17 days ago

    Oh no


    HARIFA JUMAZADA17 days ago

    I think alie is the stalker

  73. Giuliana Reyes

    Giuliana Reyes17 days ago

    A yellow card drop

  74. dhan bahadur

    dhan bahadur17 days ago

    By minute yes Daniel and Daniel friend is having a baby um you are you planning colours on

  75. Rehan Ahmad

    Rehan Ahmad17 days ago

    The jester

  76. Viv Hill

    Viv Hill18 days ago

    No chat you can even do this just don't say that big has Ali is a stalker and spy ninjas and Daniel

  77. malena cabrera

    malena cabrera18 days ago

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  78. malena cabrera

    malena cabrera18 days ago

    No Ali Ali

  79. Francis Dazz

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    Francis Dazz18 days ago


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  82. lee reuben

    lee reuben19 days ago

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  83. lee reuben

    lee reuben19 days ago

    Who are you working for

  84. Irene 7 Padilla

    Irene 7 Padilla19 days ago

    Dolly horseradish doppelganger industrial and the Chef Gordon

  85. Irene 7 Padilla

    Irene 7 Padilla19 days ago

    Aldi's the stalker he's the one that's been ruining your guys's life

  86. Satbir Bajwa

    Satbir Bajwa2 days ago

    No because she's missing

  87. Damian Jackson

    Damian Jackson19 days ago

    2:15 Regina kissed Bob

  88. Maro Momy

    Maro Momy19 days ago


  89. Tyrhea clarke

    Tyrhea clarke19 days ago

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  90. LoserAtGames

    LoserAtGames19 days ago

    U noobs

  91. Soveyda Salazar

    Soveyda Salazar20 days ago


  92. kiran kaur

    kiran kaur20 days ago

    Love you spy ninjas

  93. Kieran Walsh

    Kieran Walsh20 days ago

    Cloceris my bruer

  94. Hannah Venn

    Hannah Venn21 day ago

    By my house and the only way to get the new house

  95. 千乇乂 Drumstick fan

    千乇乂 Drumstick fan21 day ago


  96. Zoe Abarca Barragan

    Zoe Abarca Barragan21 day ago

    Daniel got up and find a girlfriend who is in the hotel cakes ago and now I don’t know who are who are you do you do it do it do it more

  97. Calvin The Gamer

    Calvin The Gamer21 day ago

    Maybe it was project zorgo

  98. Emily B

    Emily B21 day ago

    No you are wrong

  99. Robert Brittingham

    Robert Brittingham21 day ago

    I am your biggest fan what is your number

  100. kim chi le

    kim chi le21 day ago

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  101. Fe gonzales

    Fe gonzales22 days ago

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  102. Edward Vaike

    Edward Vaike22 days ago

    regina you know when you melvin and the clork was walking pass this tree i saw something orange hanging on there did anybod ous

  103. Rosa Tayug

    Rosa Tayug22 days ago

    is melvin a girl

  104. Kyran Riley Curtiss

    Kyran Riley Curtiss22 days ago

    Alle is the stocker

  105. Tahira Sadeeqa

    Tahira Sadeeqa22 days ago

    7 : 3 0

  106. maha meer

    maha meer22 days ago


  107. Black Panther

    Black Panther23 days ago

    Should I download the app because I already have the app

  108. Maricel Dizon

    Maricel Dizon23 days ago

    Sky💗 hey you two girls my name is kyler not you you are the girl