We investigate the Tesla after finding out that it belongs to Vy! We have to hack the cameras and see if we can find out anything about the stalker. We were able to hack into it, but we were ambushed by the Doppelganger! He isn't alone though, there are 3 of them! We manage to fight them off, but they get away in the tesla. Chad summons the Delorean and a car chase starts. We follow them to the park and we are once again ambushed and handcuffed to the playground. The doppelganger takes Chad's phone and he threatens to delete all of our subscribers! Vy lockpicks her handcuffs and Chad's, but right as is unlocking Regina's the Doppelganger interrupts and we have to chase him to get Chad's phone back before it's too late. We have to fight all 3 Doppelgangers and question them to find out who is the real one. We question them all until it only boils down to the real Doppelganger and we get him to cough up the info on who or where he got the Tesla from. Not only that, he tells us that Joseph Banks is still alive! He says that if we let him go he will give us the keys to the Tesla and it will take us to Joseph Banks! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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