After Chad Wild Clay made "IS MY NEW FRIEND A STALKER? Lie Detector Test to Learn if He is Good vs Bad", Vy Qwaint created "HUNTING OUR STALKER at the MALL if Everything was like Among Us, but In Real Life Hide and Seek", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "DATE FORT CHALLENGE - Last to Leave will Reveal Stalker after 24 Hours of Boys vs Girls", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "SPY NINJAS Imposter Role in Among Us", Chad surprises his best friend's secret crush to the Safe House! Vy and Regina are unsure of having strangers over at the safe house, but Melvin and Chad are excited. To prepare Daniel for his big date, they give him dating hacks and tips! Regina gets jealous and Vy gives her advice to tell Daniel how she truly feels. Melvin teaches Daniel how to be tough, by challenging him to a battle royale! Chad gives Daniel tips on making a romantic song and Regina and Vy are trying to sabotage him. Daniel is super nervous because he's never been on a date or had his first kiss. Will this mystery woman be his first girlfriend? Every time Regina tries to tell Daniel she likes him, someone interrupts her. Vy Qwaint and Chad Wild Clay attempt to teach Daniel how to dance, but Daniel fails. Hopefully, Daniel's secret crush accepts his weirdness and likes Daniel back! Will Regina ever get over her jealousy? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay2 months ago

    What is up Spy Ninjas! Daniel's crush is on her way to the safe house! We need to get Daniel ready!

  2. Shani Nzi

    Shani Nzi18 days ago

    Hi B Tc

  3. Charles Ray

    Charles RayMonth ago

    I love your videos

  4. Derek Daponte

    Derek DaponteMonth ago

    @Crow xfy yup

  5. Derek Daponte

    Derek DaponteMonth ago

    Shipppppppp alie x Daniel!

  6. Vrinda Modha

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  7. Teume Choi

    Teume Choi9 hours ago

    Chad make sure to like your vidos and comment who iam

  8. Emma Steketee

    Emma Steketee14 hours ago

    the goldin gril hakr shode what alis fase ioocks like and she is vary prity

  9. Nooby

    NoobyDay ago

    Why do no one realize that chad now have a beard

  10. AnaGelle Vlog

    AnaGelle VlogDay ago

    Melvin oy man mi filipino like you

  11. Kate Ortz

    Kate OrtzDay ago

    idk if regina's happy ;/

  12. Noah Titans

    Noah TitansDay ago

    5:37 I know but he doesn’t know anyone else Regina:wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaa

  13. Noah Titans

    Noah TitansDay ago

    2:50 why would you do that

  14. Lucas Navas

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  15. Cindytruc Le

    Cindytruc LeDay ago

    Alie real name is a lie

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  19. Breanne Chu Tan

    Breanne Chu Tan2 days ago

    I literally still ship daniel an regina

  20. Maribel Berzunza

    Maribel Berzunza2 days ago

    after chad wild clay made is my new friend a lie detectors test on learn if he after chad wild clay

  21. Brian Gilbert

    Brian Gilbert2 days ago


  22. Brian Gilbert

    Brian Gilbert2 days ago

    I laugh so hard when I saw chad and Melvin Practicing how to pick up girls

  23. Shannon Schmidt

    Shannon Schmidt2 days ago

    It is alle


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  25. GamingWDaisy

    GamingWDaisy2 days ago

    anyone else realized chad has a beard in this video?

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    The cool plays I’m the cool dude2 days ago

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    AJ James2 days ago

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  29. AJ James

    AJ James2 days ago

    Spy injures forever

  30. Jorge Mendoza

    Jorge Mendoza2 days ago

    her name is alie

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    Jorge Mendoza2 days ago

    hi Chad Wild Clay im a big fan

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    Taramati Georgeq2 days ago

    If they have had it doesn't matter as well in this area or is. It's

  34. Taramati Georgeq

    Taramati Georgeq2 days ago

    You are amazing👍 and the right way if it doesn't happen in my mind you can

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    Ahmed Alkaabi2 days ago

    Danielle Ali

  37. Mariana Salviejo

    Mariana Salviejo3 days ago

    I know regina loves daniel

  38. Abraham Chavez

    Abraham Chavez3 days ago

    Daniel Gizmo's girlfriend AKA Ali that's a real name real name Ali actually guys this is Chad wild Clay's USloft channel actually and Daniel gizmos I think so Daniel gave him a little bit shy to talk to her girlfriend or her Bay her Bay I don't know what's going on bae

  39. Desi shenanigans USA

    Desi shenanigans USA3 days ago

    Ali is evil

  40. James Duggan

    James Duggan3 days ago

    Alie spel it look a lie

  41. Patel Najrana

    Patel Najrana3 days ago

    Regina has a crush on dinele

  42. dunya Rahimi

    dunya Rahimi3 days ago

    i dont like regina she has a big crush on daniel

  43. Ava

    Ava3 days ago

    Daniel i have A crush his crush name is Allie

  44. Essence Brat

    Essence Brat3 days ago

    You mean in the throat got hit by in the world will win in the world

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    Essence Brat3 days ago

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    Kity Pong4 days ago

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    Tania Gonzales4 days ago

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    Alissa Parent5 days ago

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    I know her name her name is Ellie

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    rose barriage6 days ago

    I love you

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    Kouche Houria6 days ago

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    Ashwini Fernandes7 days ago

    Daniel is in danger


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    reagina is so jealous

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    mary largent8 days ago

    3:34 CHILL

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    mary largent8 days ago

    umm... you should've not done this, he not spy ninja anymore now

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    Trublue Destiny9 days ago

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    Maricela Acosta9 days ago

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    Rashelle Duncan9 days ago

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    Djwnsjzmzkzmzkznskskslpaoakakwmwkw Dao9 days ago

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    Dominik Karen9 days ago

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  79. Kidzzdom Imagination

    Kidzzdom Imagination9 days ago

    Did anyone see chad fall on his face it so Funny 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

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    Aisha Farrag10 days ago

    Her name is Allie

  81. tharanga pathirana

    tharanga pathirana10 days ago

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    Isla’s Colours10 days ago

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    1234nsdaw10 days ago

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    Leaya Cunningham11 days ago

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    Aeken Joven11 days ago

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    Emad Freedy11 days ago

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  91. Agent

    Agent11 days ago

    She said she would come in 10 minutes.... The sky was dark when she came

  92. Ayman Abdel Rahman

    Ayman Abdel Rahman11 days ago

    Chad reveal your secret I don't know what is it please reveal it or I will quit being a spy ninja but please tell me your secret you have been hiding it from all of the spy ninjas and I knew it all along I was going to know it from Daniel and Ali channel did you get the point please just tell me your secret

  93. Taline Thomas

    Taline Thomas11 days ago

    Reginald jealous

  94. liquidsovre

    liquidsovre12 days ago

    Chad don't mess up with Bob there let Regina take him on a date so don't hurt him

  95. Gyeye Aguilar

    Gyeye Aguilar12 days ago

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  96. Iris C

    Iris C12 days ago

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    Horror Girl I luv Rebecca zamolo12 days ago

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    Icecream Jojosiwa12 days ago

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    Ramesh Naharki12 days ago

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  100. Ramesh Naharki

    Ramesh Naharki12 days ago

    Chad wild clay don't write Ali to the safe house she's a stalker she was being so mean I think she's going to f****** put you inside the handcuffs they left you they can walk you up up lock you up she's a stalker Ali the stalker and Ali stools Regina stoled Vegeta's generis golden play button and then she brainwashed you from spy Ninja from the find ninjas you couldn't spy ninja now you to not to bring her to the safe house right now she is the stalker

  101. Fadi Dernaika

    Fadi Dernaika12 days ago

    Vy only got mad when chad Said “I ordered Those balloons FOR Valentines day

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    Rossine Chiew13 days ago

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    Maryam uslu13 days ago

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    Maryam uslu13 days ago

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    emalisa2813 days ago

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    Yvonne Yiansing13 days ago

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