IS CHEF THE STALKER? Lie Detector Test in Prison

After Chad Wild Clay made "MY STALKER ARRESTED After Battle Royale with Chef vs Spy Ninjas", Vy Qwaint created "HOW TO BECOME POPULAR || Nerd VS Popular in 24 Hours Funny School Life Hacks by Spy Ninjas", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "My GIRLFRIEND CONTROLS ME for 24 HOURS! Saying YES to Anything Alie Says Prank Challenge", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "CLOAKER HELPS ME ESCAPE PRISON! Jail Break Roblox Hiding Clues in a Volcano", we decided to give a lie detector test to Chef Cruton in jail! After the chef got put in jail, Daniel's crush Alie was hit by a Tesla before he could ask her to be his girlfriend. How did the Chef do this from jail? Daniel, Chad, and Alie use their Spy Ninja detective skills to uncover the truth and interrogate Chef Cruton for some answers! Chef Cruton claims that he is innocent and was framed but all the clues point to him being the mysterious stalker that stole Regina's gold play button, kidnapped Vy, followed the ninjas at the mall, and posted drone videos onto Instagram! Will Daniel and Chad be able to team up and use bad cop vs good cop tactics to uncover the truth? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  1. Chad Wild Clay

    Chad Wild Clay2 months ago

    Spy Ninjas! Watch the whole video and then comment if you think the Chef is the Stalker or if he is Innocent...

  2. Eyad

    EyadMonth ago


  3. Fun AnimeBoy

    Fun AnimeBoyMonth ago

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  4. Azize Ibryam

    Azize Ibryam2 months ago

    acts sack can from

  5. Habeeb Sheikh

    Habeeb Sheikh2 months ago


  6. Michel Y Attia

    Michel Y Attia2 months ago

    Bro just ask him if he's the stalker or not

  7. Litzy Erostico

    Litzy Erostico10 hours ago

    she is stalcker

  8. Andrew Humility

    Andrew Humility11 hours ago

    Allen I hope you heal

  9. Leah Best

    Leah BestDay ago

    He is not inisont

  10. Amar Sadashivam

    Amar SadashivamDay ago


  11. Joy Garcia

    Joy Garcia2 days ago

    Isis not like when Ali got hurt her arm with the Tesla and I think

  12. Brandy reeves

    Brandy reeves2 days ago


  13. Brandy reeves

    Brandy reeves2 days ago


  14. Nayef Alhussaini

    Nayef Alhussaini2 days ago

    Lol 😂

  15. Mr Dakin

    Mr Dakin2 days ago

    I. Beive. Chad. Saved. Pz Letter. 😱

  16. James Neale

    James Neale2 days ago

    He is. Innocent

  17. Katie Skinner

    Katie Skinner2 days ago

    That is not true

  18. Charles Copeland

    Charles Copeland3 days ago

    In 9.27 I start to laugh 😂😂😂😂 because chef said because of u to and Daniel shook is head and put this together you to USloft

  19. irvin bennett

    irvin bennett3 days ago

    ther is a lizzerd yhat is can be 13 fet log in that is a comoto lizzerd

  20. Water King Friend Light

    Water King Friend Light3 days ago


  21. Water King Friend Light

    Water King Friend Light3 days ago


  22. Emma Bray

    Emma Bray4 days ago

    i think he is not lnnocent i think he is lieingggg

  23. Rosario Camacho

    Rosario Camacho4 days ago


  24. Jesse Magruder

    Jesse Magruder4 days ago

    Is Not Innocent chocolate on your tummy

  25. Chelsey Porowini

    Chelsey Porowini5 days ago

    Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi hi Chad and Vv

  26. Jocelyn Erieksa

    Jocelyn Erieksa5 days ago

    ALIE is a ALIEN

  27. melisa Kececi

    melisa Kececi6 days ago


  28. Game Master

    Game Master6 days ago

    Do it agin

  29. Jorden Kroening

    Jorden Kroening7 days ago

    You are so cool chad

  30. Ximena Gonzalez

    Ximena Gonzalez7 days ago

    yes true

  31. Eren Osmanoglu

    Eren Osmanoglu8 days ago

    I love The videos

  32. Dayang Aqeela

    Dayang Aqeela8 days ago


  33. Fatine Bahloula

    Fatine Bahloula9 days ago

    Alie is the stalker daniel's girl friend

  34. Janet Bost

    Janet Bost9 days ago

    Calm down Chad

  35. Gabriel Atkinson

    Gabriel Atkinson9 days ago


  36. Justin Patterson

    Justin Patterson10 days ago

    I. Love. Chad. And. Vq. And. Alley. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  37. Rawaf Aldossary

    Rawaf Aldossary10 days ago


  38. Jakewho

    Jakewho10 days ago

    Xb orange capachino

  39. zanebo

    zanebo11 days ago


  40. zanebo

    zanebo11 days ago


  41. marcia cook

    marcia cook12 days ago


  42. Charles Copeland

    Charles Copeland12 days ago

    In 0:38 chef crurton said Daniel smell like baby powder and Daniel said that a lie 🤥 I start to laught 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Corinne Lopes

    Corinne Lopes12 days ago

    The hair on his face is blonde

  44. Alex The game

    Alex The game13 days ago

    Pov:: Chad:::: if you lie three times you’re going back to your jail cell chef:::: I want to go back to my jail cell because it doesn’t smell like baby powder. Daniel::::Hey I do not smell like baby powder

  45. Calvin The Gamer

    Calvin The Gamer13 days ago

    And maybe he was innocent

  46. Nena Morgan

    Nena Morgan13 days ago

    Hey chef is it no matter how right she is so I am your dad Ali angry guys are dumb chef is a sick he's been trying to sleep

  47. Letitia Antohi

    Letitia Antohi13 days ago

    Allie is the Stalker Chef cruton Is innocent

  48. Letitia Antohi

    Letitia Antohi13 days ago


  49. Aljoudi Hasan

    Aljoudi Hasan13 days ago

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  50. Calvin The Gamer

    Calvin The Gamer14 days ago

    Bruh y can the chef control a Tesla in a jail

  51. Camila Castaneda

    Camila Castaneda16 days ago



    IRIS OON RUO JING Moe16 days ago

    He is Day

  53. YouTuber Won

    YouTuber Won16 days ago


  54. Andrew Salmon

    Andrew Salmon17 days ago

    Boo I love you boo I love you Ali is a sucker for you Ali is this the alley is the alley is the stucco I’m not trying to help you and Ali is the my name is Olivia Salmon and Ali is the Elise just

  55. Andrew Salmon

    Andrew Salmon17 days ago

    I love this by ninjas I love their videos will you please help me I want to go go go go go go no no no spine and say don’t go Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t know no no no don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t go don’t go go go go go go don’t don’t go go go don’t go don’t go go don’t go don’t go go go go no no no go go go go go go go🦜🦜🦚🦚🦚🦜🦚🦚🦜🦚🦚🦜🦚🦚🦜🐇🕊🦩🦩🕊🐇🐇🕊🐇🐇🕊🦩🦢🦩🕊🕊🦩🕊🦩🦢🦩🐇🕊🦩🦢🕊🦢🦢🦩🕊🐇🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦢🦩🕊🐇🕊🦩🦢🦢🦩🕊🐇🐇🕊🦩🦩🦢🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦢🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢🦢

  56. Adylene Uribe

    Adylene Uribe17 days ago

    Adylene Uribe

  57. save7he6orld plays

    save7he6orld plays17 days ago

    My son is in prison WHYY

  58. Owen Hancox

    Owen Hancox18 days ago

    Seff is is working with ally

  59. keianna baker

    keianna baker18 days ago

    I say yeh

  60. Jarod Zerby

    Jarod Zerby18 days ago


  61. Tam Tu

    Tam Tu18 days ago

    The chef was being stalked he’s not the stalker he’s innocent there’s a stalker putting stuff in his pocket and hat

  62. Andrew Candra

    Andrew Candra20 days ago

    Chef cruton looks like ryan prunty or i think ryan prunty

  63. Taejonae The mermaid Princess

    Taejonae The mermaid Princess20 days ago

    Hi mommy how are you going home

  64. Tots

    Tots20 days ago


  65. Tots

    Tots20 days ago


  66. Kayla Carpenter

    Kayla Carpenter22 days ago

    He's actually innocent

  67. Amanda Lackner

    Amanda Lackner22 days ago

    He is not innocent

  68. Alessandro Zetina

    Alessandro Zetina23 days ago

    Okay let me tell you something alie name is not true read her name what is spells A LIE YOU SEE

  69. Brynne N

    Brynne N23 days ago

    That's vys Teslas

  70. Funmilola Oluwadara

    Funmilola Oluwadara24 days ago

    Alice is the stalker she was trying to run over REGINA but she punched her and she believes oke her arm and then she framed the chief!!

  71. Funmilola Oluwadara

    Funmilola Oluwadara24 days ago

    I mean alie

  72. Funmilola Oluwadara

    Funmilola Oluwadara24 days ago

    He's inoccent!!.. I think

  73. Konain mesha

    Konain mesha24 days ago

    That was that stalker

  74. Konain mesha

    Konain mesha24 days ago

    The leak and doppelganger and the horse radis and an your girlfriend

  75. Susan Derby

    Susan Derby25 days ago

    don't let him go i mean don't don't don't don't i mean yeah sooo don't or i don't know what to say i mean don't let him out

  76. Nameka Deendial

    Nameka Deendial25 days ago

    I think you should do a lie detecor text on alie I think she lieing ànd also ilysm can you follow me on Instagram @vindyaxoxo

  77. Steve Evans

    Steve Evans25 days ago

    I think he is the stalker

  78. Patrick Byrne

    Patrick Byrne25 days ago

    alli is the stalker

  79. Halie Bell

    Halie Bell26 days ago

    Z H Ñ M I Ý K

  80. Mia Hartzenberg

    Mia Hartzenberg26 days ago

    is not the soccer

  81. Mia Hartzenberg

    Mia Hartzenberg26 days ago

    She's nothing like and why did you Hurley

  82. Mia Hartzenberg

    Mia Hartzenberg26 days ago


  83. saada kadir

    saada kadir26 days ago

    Hello Everyone

  84. Rashmi Kannan

    Rashmi Kannan26 days ago

    Daniel chef cruton is guilty or innocent

  85. Andrew Candra

    Andrew Candra26 days ago

    Chef might be is ryan prunty

  86. Krystyna Smyrnova

    Krystyna Smyrnova27 days ago

    I fill Bad for Alie

  87. Nicholas Achoy

    Nicholas Achoy27 days ago

    He's Gucci

  88. Wilbert Person

    Wilbert Person28 days ago

    If if you don't lie on the other one or he going to be doing The chew hoopa


    RACHELL.MORALES-SIERRA 10383428 days ago

    Unmask him on mass Kim unmask him

  90. Ryie Waffles

    Ryie Waffles28 days ago

    You guys discuss me. You are scaring young children with this stuff


    CHENG KAH HIN Moe28 days ago

    He is also a bad

  92. makel dunbar

    makel dunbar29 days ago

    Ali is the soccer

  93. A&C 4EVER

    A&C 4EVER29 days ago

    Skin wink smart and Jonah and

  94. Roushan Al Kurdi

    Roushan Al Kurdi29 days ago

    I want to tell you he is innocent I bought their Channel like 10% of my time and I know him from his channel and also I don't comment there because I don't know what to say by like their videos Jim size and I want to tell you that that orange guy Chef Guy is innocent

  95. dec564 bxxconx

    dec564 bxxconx29 days ago

    It was kingpin

  96. dec564 bxxconx

    dec564 bxxconx29 days ago


  97. dec564 bxxconx

    dec564 bxxconx29 days ago


  98. Adem K

    Adem K29 days ago


  99. Mary Aponte

    Mary AponteMonth ago

    You mean chef am a lillte girl and am 7 years old you want to fight 😡😡😡😡😾😾😾😾

  100. Mateo Hernandez

    Mateo HernandezMonth ago

    It’s alie

  101. Mateo Hernandez

    Mateo HernandezMonth ago

    I know who the stocker is

  102. Mateo Hernandez

    Mateo HernandezMonth ago


  103. Rosalinda Pineda

    Rosalinda PinedaMonth ago


  104. Rob Brock

    Rob BrockMonth ago

    Alie is the stalker chad alies name sounds like a lie we cant trust her

  105. Jovani

    JovaniMonth ago

    🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬i het the chef so much

  106. Jayden Lara

    Jayden LaraMonth ago

    Daniels girlfriend is super duper cute cuter than everyone



    Chef is Morgz!!

  108. Roblox Gamer Gamer

    Roblox Gamer GamerMonth ago

    Stalker Ali

  109. Spitfireball Epic

    Spitfireball EpicMonth ago

    It has to be Allie because when she first came she said I am your biggest fan but after when Allie disappeared the paper said I am you biggest fan